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October 2018
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The Wood Elves

I wish to extend my hopes that we've all survived the recent storms with minimal impact. Michael took a shot at me. It was a near miss. The bad news is that I will have to rebuild my deck rails and patch my spa cover. The good news is that my firewood for next winter (19/20) is assured and I have more daylight on my spa deck. I hope everyone was as fortunate -- or more so.

Karl Bogott (editor)

From the President

Good October!  The title of this newsletter should either be "The Bewitching Hour Approaches"  or "Trolling for Suspects".  As of this point in time, Greg Guertin has volunteered to continue on as Treasurer, Scott Fell has volunteered to be Vice President, and I'll take on the role as Membership Chairman.  This leaves the positions of President, Secretary, web master/Instagram lead, and newsletter lead open.  What seems to be obvious is that we need to rethink how programs are selected/supported, and what we should/could do to streamline operations.  Following are some thoughts:
  • Program support and participation has been very good this year.  Thanks to everyone who's made this possible.  It seems that the extravaganzas (i.e. cutting board, six pack) should be continued and that program planning should occur during our monthly meetings to gain as much participation as possible.
  • We frequently receive leads (i.e. shop liquidation sales) and other inquiries because of our website and Instagram.  Because of this, I think it would be a good idea to continue these communication platforms.
  • The newsletter is a question in my mind.  Does a weekly email satisfactorily fill the need for a newsletter?
  • Ray Journigan has joined Woodcraft as an instructor.  He's a resource that I think we can take advantage of.
If you haven't already gotten the word, this month's meeting program is a cutting board extravaganza.  So bring in your boards, design and processes to show and discuss.
Jim Francis

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At the Next Meeting - Cutting Board Extravaganza

Bring your creations, new or old and show us what you've got. I've sent three for Andy to show for me. See what others have done. It's a challenge to do better, to increase your skills and to learn.

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Tip of the Month - Take a Break

It's season change, and with season change comes massive swings in humidity. There are two times when you should walk away from a project. First, after you've milled your wood. Don't start your finish cuts for twenty four hours. Let the new 'face' of the wood acclimate. It may well move and could adversely effect joints and glue. Next, let any project rest before applying the final finish. The whole thing will move around a bit. You'll have better results.

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Editors Notes - One Newsletter to Go!

Jim might just be right. The newsletter came into being during the 'snail mail' past. Think about a weekly letter from the president. Is it enough to keep you informed? Let Jim know at the October meeting.

This is YOUR Guild. Many of the older members, those who have been mentoring and sharing, myself among them, would like to sit back and watch the next generation of craftsmen take the reins of the Guild. Step up and make your mark on the Guild. Next month, the count will one more. In January, a new editor must publish your newsletter.


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