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August 2018
Who wants to read a long newsletter
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From the President

Welcome to August!


I've not received Jim's input yet, so this newsletter will be brief. The meeting is Monday. Bret Lancaster will talk about spray finishes. Ya'll come.

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At the Next Meeting - Spray Finishes

Bret and Andy were going to demonsrate and talk about spray finishes. Andy has been called out of town, so come on down and improve your finishing skills.

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Tip of the Month - The Extra Hand for your router- Woodworking FAQ

Q. It seems that I need three hands to operate my plunge router, two to hold the router and another to turn on the switch. Is there an easy solution?

A. Consider a foot pedal switch. There are two kinds. The standard version turns it ON with one click and OFF with another. The 'dead man' version directs power to the router ONLY when the foot pedal is pressed.

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Editors Notes - Three Newsletters to Go!

This is YOUR Guild. Many of the older members, those who have been mentoring and sharing, myself among them, would like to sit back and watch the next generation of craftsmen take the reins of the Guild. Step up and make your mark on the Guild. Next month, the count will be on one hand. In January, a new editor will publish your newsletter.

See you Monday - Karl

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