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May 2018 2018
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The Secrets of Cabinets in June

Hey, it's just cabinets, right? Andy and I will discuss design, styles, materials and installation of cabinets. All floors and ceilings are straight level. All walls are straight and plumb. And the tooth fairy takes credit cards.

Before you come to the June meeting, look around your kitchen. What are your cabinets made of? How are they attached? If you had your way, how would you change them?

Karl Bogott (editor)

From the President

May greetings!  It's been an especially quick month, and a challenge to show good work progress while still attending chair-making class, teaching class, and volunteering.  At this meeting it'll be interesting to see what repair/refurbishment/repurposing projects folks bring in and to hear what their plans are for the items.  In addition, I'll bring in the kit I use for furniture touchup work.  The lesson here is that household items can have more than one purpose.
Program Notes
In June, Karl and Andy will lead a discussion of lessons learned in their new construction/renovation work, which should include kitchens.  It'll be interesting to here their comments.
And don't forget that the six pack carrier contest ends in June.THERE ARE PRIZES!
In July, Paul Garrity is planning on doing a portable sawmill demo and needs some logs to process.  If you've got one or more, please let me know.
Admin Notes
Karl is looking to retire as newsletter editor, and would like a replacement.  If you're interested, talk to him at this meeting.  Your support is very much appreciated.
We still need a membership chairman.  Greg has taken care of most of the work for this year, so you can ease your way into the position.
That's about it for now.  See you at the meeting.
Jim Francis

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At the Next Meeting - Furniture Refinishing

Jim Francis will host a discussion of furniture refinishing. Bring that piece that has been baffling you. Not all pieces should be tanked, stripped and refurbed. True antiques need loving attention to detail. It should be a good meeting.

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Last Meeting Notes - Dovetails many ways

I wasn't present and I've not seen the minutes, but I know that those present know a lot more about dovetails, both machine made and hand cut.

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Tip of the Month - Glue Spreading Simplified

Applying glue is an inegral part of woodworking, and anything you can do to make the job easier, neater and faster is a good thing. Here are a few tips for glue application.

  • Narrow surfaces Use an old toothbrush. It's just the right size, spreads glu evently and cleans up easily. Keep it dust-free by storigng it ina traveling toothbrush holder.
  • Wide surfaces. Use a 3" foam paint roller saturated with glue. You can also use a pinking shears to cut a sawtooth edge on an expired cred card, to spread the glue evenly.
  • Inside corners. Applly masking tape to both sides of a joint before assembly to catch oozing glue. Do the final cleanup by scooping up excess with the pinched tip of a drinking straw.
  • Cracks and crevices. Place glue along the crack, then use a drinking straw to blow it deeper into the crevice. As an alternative, try using your shop vacuum to suck the glue down into the joint.

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Editors Notes - Six Newsletters to Go!

This is YOUR Guild. It is a living breathing (so to speak) entity. The young must take over from those who've been here for years. Breath new life and excitement into woodworking and into your guild. It's time for new blood in the newsletter, and perhaps the website. Step up and make your mark on the Guild. Next month, the count will be on one hand.

See you Monday - Karl

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