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January 2018
New Year? New Projects!
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Fellow woodworkers. Welcome to the New Year. Keep warm and remember that space heaters and sawdust probably won't mix well. Work safely. Cold hands move slowly and dry hands let tools slip.

We're still actively in need of a Vice President. Be a part of the future your Guild. There are lots of members who will help you in the job.

From the President


Dues are Due:  It's that time again to collect dues.  The amount is the same as last year ($20) and the collector is Greg Guertin (both Membership Chairman and Treasurer).  Money collected is used to fund (in- part) our September picnic and December dinner, challenge awards, and administrative expenses (i.e. website fee).  
Programs:  It looks like this year we'll have plenty of good programs and a number of project and skill challenge opportunities for everyone to get involved.  This month, equipment maintenance considerations (specifically the jointer - the key for starting right) will be presented, as well as project inspirations, and clamping/glueup/sanding tips.
Speaking of maintenance, December and January are good months for cleaning, organizing and performing equipment maintenance.  Regarding this last item, Don Newsome has spent quite abit of time putting together the following list of U-Tube videos that will help you get the year off to a good start.  Thanks Don.
That's it for now. See you at the meeting.

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At the Next Meeting - It's Time for New Programs

January's program will be Shop Equipment Tuneup/Inspiring Projects. Jim Francis has lead on the program with Don Newsome and Fran Foster in support.

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Last Meeting Notes - Holiday Get Together

As every year, we had a good turnout at Logan's Roadhouse.
We also have a new Treasurer, Greg Guertin and a Secretary, Daniel Messick

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Tip of the Month - The Phonebook Must Have a Purpose

Phone book tipIn today's world of Google, Alexa and Pinterest, perhaps the best use for your phone book is as a stable and disposable platform for finishing. Just let the page dry and dispose of in an environmentally and safe manner..

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Editors Notes

We continue to grow in the social media world through Facebook and Instagram. I could use a 'helper' who is more attuned to those platforms than I am to help us use them better. Also, I've added the Bylaws to the website, as well as an FAQ page.

See you Monday - Karl

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