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September 2017
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Just a quick reminder, here at the top of the newsletter that the September meeting is at Woodcraft, not Pat Lester's Pat and Mary are vacationing in the west.
Also, please give consideration to participating in our demonstrations at the Woodcraft Anniversary Sale on Saturday, October 7. We will have three tables that will need tending. Jim will talk more about it at the meeting.

From the President

Welcome to September!  
Note:  This month's meeting will be at the Woodcraft Store.  Pat and Shirley Lester are headed west, so they won't be home to cook burgers and dogs.
Also, this month's program is going to cover lessons I learned (technique, process, philosophy) in a one week Furniture Repair and Restoration Class at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking.  The class provided valuable information on areas I struggle with, and hopefully you'll get alot out of the program.
Woodcraft store anniversary:  I can still use support for demos on Saturday October, 7th from 9 am to 1 pm to help Bill and Heather celebrate their store anniversary.  See me before or after Monday's meeting.
Combination planes:  Stanley 45s and 55s were advertised as do-all planes.  However, the size of the planes, number of parts and blades, as well as number of adjustments overwhelms alot of folks.  The following three links to James Wright videos should help reduce the mystery Stanley 45Stanley 55Comparison.  Also, check out Lee Valley's new combination plane offering .  Enticing.
So much for now.  See you Monday,
Jim Francis

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At the Next Meeting - Marc Adams Class in Furniture Restoration - Jim Francis

Jim is itching (maybe it's just sawdust down his shirt?) to tell us all about his week at Furniture Repair and Restoration given by the Marc Adams School. You may never work at this level, but the information will be of use throughout your woodworking endeavors. Never stop learning.

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Last Meeting Notes - Believe and you can Create

Karl and other Guild Members brought examples of woodworking gifts and holiday crafts to entice you to make them yourself. It was a good dsiplay of a broad breadth of talent.

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Tip of the Month - A Fix for Clogged Forstner Bits

Clogged Forstner BitI have a number of Forstner bits made by various manufacturers. And I've noticed that some of the bits tend to clog with wood chips more than others do, especially in the larger sizes. This is annoying because you have to stop the drill and clean out the bit.

When I started comparing the bits, I discovered that the "mouth" of the bits weren't all the same. On the bits that clogged, the sides of the mouth were nearly parallel. On the other bits, the mouth tapered out toward the top to eject the chips cleanly.Forstner diagram

Filing a Forstner bitIn order to create more room for the chips, I modified bits that clogged by "opening" up the mouth. To do this, file or grind back the top edges of the opening, see drawings.

There's one thing to watch out for. Just be sure you don't file or grind any of the cutting edges of the bit.


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Editors Notes

Please don't forget that we are in need of a Trasurer and Secretary. Our incumbents cannot run again (nor can we even convnce them to stay.) Be a part of growing the Guild. See Jim Francis, Scott Paris or Bob Fenske and ask about what it takes. Your Guild needs you.

See you Monday - Karl

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