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August 2017
101 Days Until Christmas
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What I did on my Summer Vacation - Gary Stephens

We just finished a 21 day trip to Scotland and I thought I would let you know about some of the interesting woodworking items I came across.

  • One of the distilleries on the island of Orkney, Scapa, took the wood staves from an old washback vat from the Glentauchers distillery and made it into this giant megaphone which sits on their back door overlooking the Scapa Flow bay. Very interesting joint work considering its size. It is big enough for a 7’ person to walk inside of it.
  • The tour was a chance to visit the upper levels of the St. Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall. This cathedral was built in the 1500’s and I was very impressed with the woodworking skills they used to construct the upper levels.
  • We took a tour of the Orkney cultural museum and on the second floor I stumbled upon these woodworking tools. For a hand tool woodworker this is paradise!
scottish woodworking

Ed. Note: Click Here for the Gary's entire report in pdf format.

From the President

Woodshop Tweet
Welcome to August!  It's been a quick year and summer of all sorts of activities, but now time to get back to building.
We've got alot to talk about at this month's meeting, but the main focus will be to discuss what we can do to support Bill and Heather at their annual anniversary sale the weekend of 7 October.  Following's the vision:
  • Demonstrations by the Guild (i.e. scrollsaw, carving, milling)
  • Table with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities for young folks (i.e. workshop math, measuring, marking)
  • Table with Mike Rowe video/brochures discussing technical/trades education initiatives
Two volunteers needed.  It may not seem long ago that Scott Paris and Bob Fenske were elected as Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.  However, it's been three years and in accordance with our bylaws, they must be replaced.  If you're interested in serving, let me know.  Elections will be held in November.
See you at the meeting,
Jim Francis

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At the Next Meeting - Holiday Crafts - So Many Ways to Go - Karl Bogott

Karl (that's your Editor, by the way) is going to bring samples of holiday gift and craft ideas. He wants to have a discussion about the vast number of resources, materials, tools and skill sets that can be put to use making decorations and gifts, great and small. So, with 100 or so days left, it's time to get to work.

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Last Meeting Notes - Round work for Flat Boarders

Many thanks to Scott Paris for his intriguing and informative introduction to turning. For many members and guests new to wood working, turning might seem intimidating. It's not and Scott showed us why.

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Tip of the Month - The Very Visible Drill Press Circle Cutter

Circle cutters, sometimes known as fly cutters, can be downright dangerous to use. The arm and the bit are rotating at high speeds and it’s difficult to see them. To make them more visible, paint the ends a bright, fluorescent yellow. Now the ends of the cutter are very obvious, and much easier to avoid.

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Editors Notes

You'll hear enough from me at the meeting. I got nothin' for you. Just remember to keep your email address and all other contact information current, so you're never more than a blade kerf away.

See you Monday - Karl

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