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July 2017
Hot! Damned Hot! - A. Cronauer
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Come meet out guest meeting facilitator - a one man show

Jim is out West where the deer and the antelope play. Gary is in Scotland inspecting the distilleries (Scotch) So, Scott Paris, treasurer and woodworker extraordinaire will both run the meeting and give the presentation. Bring those summer projects to show, questions to ask and a guest. See you Monday.


From the President

Woodshop Tweet
Howdy from Wyoming; cool mornings/nights, great fishing, tremendous scenery and wildlife.
On the trip to this great state, I had an opportunity to tour the Hansen Wheel and Wagon shop located just north of Mitchell, South Dakota.  Pretty impressive shop facilities (including wood, blacksmith, and machine shops) coupled with tremendously talented trades.  The attached link will give you a feel for the shop and its environment.
Also, attached is a link to the folks involved in the company; just the nicest, most passionate  people you'd want to meet.
So much for now.  See you after the trip back east.


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At the Next Meeting - An Introduction to Turning for Us Flatboarders

Scott Paris has been a woodturner for approximately 15 years.  He has taught woodturning classes and also performed demonstrations for the TideWater Turners club and at local/regional events.  He has had one of his pieces published in the AAW Woodturning magazine and has also won best in show.  Scott will cover how to get started in woodturning which will include why you may want to get started in turning, lathe selection, tools, materials, types of turning, and of course safety concerns..

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Last Meeting Notes - From F2S to Furniture Ready

Bret Lancaster did his usual great job of explaining the right tools, the right order of events and the right precautions to take when taking rough lumber to a finished board ready to work. .

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Tip of the Month - A Bit of Organization Goes a Long Way

Plastic ProtectorWhen you're working with small patterns, keeping track of bits and pieces is important. Use a gallon-sized zip top plastic bag. First, it will hold your pattern to the page desired, whether it's folded, a magazine or a pattern book. It keeps dust and spatters off, as well. The bag will also hold small pieces, construction notes, pattern pieces and other parts of the project. At the end of the day, zip it shut and put it away.

I adapted this tip from a tip about protecting your recipes in the kitchen. But, the more I worked on it, the better it worked for woodworking.

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Editors Notes

Always keep your ear to the ground for patterns, wood and projects that, while you may not be interested, others in the Guild might be. Send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll send it out to the Guild. A neighbor taking down a big hardwood means inexpensive wood to you. The Guild is developing a relationship with Chris Vickers of Somerton Ridge who has a kiln. Upgrading a tool? Another member might want to give your old one a home. See a woodworking magazine at the library? Bring it to a meeting. The Guild is a family of woodworkers and woodworkers help each other. See you Monday - Karl

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