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May 2017
Ah, the smell of fresh sawdust!
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Guild News

Ron Nixon discovered a stately old Southern Live Oak in Portsmouth. They're clearing to widen Portsmouth Blvd. Let's hope this venerable old tree is safe.

Gary Stephens has done a product review on the Incra TS.LS Rip Fence System. This is our first review in a long time. It would consume a great deal of the newsletter. So, I've activated the Product Review tab of the website. At the end of the introduction for Gary's review (below) will be a link to the full review on the site. All product reviews (hint hint) will be on the site, as well, available from the tab at the top. Enjoy.

Five Guild members met on a dreary day to make useable pieces out of a huge pecan that was brought down by a tornado that also destroyed a church in Chesapeake. The wood is stickered at Andy's new shop. When it's dry and ready, the price will be $2/BF. This is beautiful clear and WIDE pecan. The Guild has about 500BF available. So chat with Andy at the meeting. I've put one video and one picture from our adventure on Instagram.

From the President

Woodshop Tweet
Welcome to May.  Wheels have been balanced and wheel bearings greased, so I'm away this month learning all about furniture restoration/repair/refinishing with Mitch Kohanek.  Looking forward to sharing lots of good information over the coming months.  On the topic of shop tours, hopefully you all had a chance to visit John McFadden's shop on the 20th and see his CNC projects. Certainly a unique aspect of wood working.
Finally, Memorial Day; a time to pause, reflect and give thanks.  Check out for information/insight.
Jim Francis

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At the Next Meeting - Handsaw Sharpening

You have a saw, now you need to sharpen it. Your options are to pay someone else or do it yourself. That's the spirit.
Tools you need (triangular files, bright light, sharpees, jointing guide and file, saw set, appropriate stone/file for stoning, saw vice, glasses/magnifying glass)
Scott Fell will discuss the elements of saw tooth design and common saw angles such as rip, crosscut and hybrid. He'll also demonstrate sharpening technique.

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Last Meeting Notes - Is CNC the woodworking wave of the future?

We were treated to a demonstration of a small-scale CNC machine, its setup process and some of its limitations. In some cases, watching a CNC do its thing is like watching lacquer dry. This new, and almost affordable, technology might just be the way to get some of those 'fancies' added to our work. There is a short video on our Instagram page.

Product Review - The Incra TS.LS Rip Fence System by Gary Stephens

I have owned this old Craftsman 10” table saw since 1970. My plan was to retire it and get a new Saw Stop unit before going into retirement. Well the great recession happened and on June 2, 2008 and my plan was to retire it and get a new Saw Stop unit before going into retirement. Well I finally made it to retirement and I have had discussions with myself on how to upgrade this old Craftsman table saw. It was in great shape but the two biggest disappointments with the saw were the miter gauge and the rip fence.
Incra jigAfter a lot of study I narrowed the search down to Incra and Biesemeyer rip fences They were similar in price and accuracy. The Incra unit has a 1/32” accuracy while the Biesemeyer is 1/64”. I find 1/32” accuracy adequate for woodworking as moisture can change the wood by that amount with just a weather change and I have enough trouble reading a ruler to a 32nd of an inch let alone a 64th of an inch.
Read the full review.

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Tip of the Month - Wipe, Baby. Wipe!

Keep a plastic container of baby wipes in your shop for removing wet glue from your clamps, tools, hands and projects. They're always moist, just right size and have more cleaning power than a damp rag.

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Editors Notes

For the security of our website, pictures from meetings and other adventures in woodworking are now available on Instagram. Instagram is, primarily, an app for your smart phone and can be found in the appStore for your phone. Our Instagram group is 'twwwgboard'. That's all you should need to view our pictures.For those with pictures they wish to share, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll guide you through the simple process. I hope to keep our Instagram focused on our woodworking events and accomplishments. So, please work with me here. - Karl

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