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April 2017
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Greg Guertin - Membership Chairman.

We all wish Ed Bunker 'Fair Winds and Following Seas' as he RVs off into retirement, but we still need your participation. Greg Guertin and Joe Filipowski are tackling the job of Membership Chair, now. Stop by Monday evening and thank them for their stepping up to the task. This brings to light the need for members to step forward and keep the Guild alive. Guys (and gals) this is your guild, not just ours. Be a part of it, today .. tomorrow and in the future years. YOUR GUILD NEEDS YOU!

and don't forget
Before outside chores and activities occupy more of your time, now would be good to cleanup/organize your shop (speaking as one of the guilty).  Then, bring your prized discards to Adrian's house next Saturday for his shop tour, put-together sale, and sheepwagon open house (20 Bernard Drive, Newport News; Saturday, April 22nd at 9 am)  He'll have an informative shop tour, Krispy Cream donuts/coffee and tables to put your sale stuff.  Should be a fun time.  
If you would, let Adrian know (757-877-2710) that you'll be coming as well as your donut flavor preference.

From the President

Woodshop Tweet
One thing folks never told me about moving out of the shipbuilding business is that time passes so much more quickly.  And so it has this year.  Many drawers still not built, and classes/road trips soon to be embarked upon.  Thanks to all who are working this year to making the Guild a success, including Greg, Adrian, Scott, Don, Karl and Gary.  If you'd like to get involved, there are plenty of opportunities in all areas; leading skill sessions, doing presentations as well as show/tell. 
  • Final notes:  This month's skill session has been changed from saw sharpening to handplane blade cambers.  I'm going to bring in two jigs that will help develop the cambers.  So if you'd like to see how its done, or have a method/jig to show, feel free to come; 6PM, middle classroom.
  • The clothing items ordered last month have been delivered, and I'll have them at the meeting for pickup.
See you Monday,
Jim Francis

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At the Next Meeting - Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About small CNC machines...

but were afraid to ask.

A presentation of the capabilities of small scale CNC machines as they can be applied to fine woodworking and hobbyist applications.  The presentation will include an overview of the machine components, the size and capability of the machine to carve within the confines of the bed and gantry movement above the bed.  Additionally we will discuss the capabilities of the VCarve software that is the most commonly sold software set for small scale CNC and its compatibility with PC computers and image types from other drawing programs.

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Last Meeting Notes - Don Newsome's shop

(editor's note) I have to plead guilty. I was away in Colorado with my newest grandaughter. I WAS building a solar dehydrator, rebuilding a gate and replacing lighting, but I don't have any notes on Don's shop; except that it is progressing well and that he's sent pictures to Jim Francis. When I get them, I'll see that they get to Instagram.

Tip of the Month - Leveling a drill press table (Woodcraft Apr/May 2017)

DrillPress JigWhen leveling my drill press table, I've tried the old trick of mounting abent cot hanger in the chuck and rotating it as a reference.However, I found that the hanger flexed too much for reliability.

Instead, I use a sturier gauge made from a 3/4"3/4" stick and two 16d nails. Make the stick long enough to reach from the chuck to the edge of the table, and drill slightly undersized pilot holes to firmly hold the nails without splitting the wood.

Install the nails as shown, mount the tauge to the chuck and adjust your table to barely graze the head of the nail when rotating the chuck by hand.

Thanks to John Worst, Orlando, FL

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Editors Notes

Nothing new from me. I'm still working on learning Instagram and teaching folks how to put pix of the Guild activities up for all to see.

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