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September 2016
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From the President

Woodworkers—Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Favorable weather is finally forthcoming, and I am really ready for it. I’ve really had my fill of high humidity! Sorry I wasn’t able to be at the last meeting. Doctor’s orders, and I couldn’t talk them out of it. And I’m really sorry I missed it, because I was really looking forward to seeing Don’s presentation on the first installment of his shop progress. From what I read in Bob’s minutes, and what I heard from several members, it was very interesting; I look forward to the next installment.
And thanks to Jim for filling in for me, and to the Executive Board for approving my appointment for VP/Programs—Gary Stephens. Gary has done a lot of great work for the Guild, and I think he will do a great job on getting us some very interesting programs for next year, assuming he is nominated and elected. Remember our elections are in Nov. And thanks to Jim for heading the election nominating process.
I am also sorry I missed out on the great turnout for Show & Tell at the last meeting. Again, from Bob’s minutes, it appeared there were a lot of great entries. Congratulations to Jim for winning the Show & Tell competition (and $50) with his PA Spice Box.
I wish to thank Chris Haycox for the many presentations he gave and his time as VP. I know it was a strain on him with his work. We hope that will soon be resolved and Chris can join us again full-time. Remember you can bring a show & tell to this meeting also. Hope to see you’all there. Pat says he will be prepared if it rains, so don’t let any threat of a little rain stop you.


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At the Next Meeting - Shawn Nystrom

In anticipation of a wedding gift for my 3rd daughters wedding ( I still have 2 more to go) I traveled to Hearne Hardwoods in search of some figured walnut, At that time I didnt know about Chris vickers and had no other source for the quality and quantity I needed. Come to next mondays guild meeting and I will show you how the 22. BF walnut turned out. I will have shetches if you need one with material lists and sources for hardware. I wont tell you what the project is but I will tell you it seats between 6 and 12. I will share all by unique short cuts and steps to making this wonderful project in less than 40 hours, out the door!

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Last Meeting Notes

If you missed the meeting, you missed a lot. Don Newsome brought video and a discussion on the process of building his new shop. We got a worker's eye view when he used a GoPRO camera to oversee the action.

Chris Haycox has had to resign as Vice President and Gary Stephens has accepted the position until the November election. Jim Francis is out recruiting the best and brightest to lead the Guild next year.

The Show and Tell was really well represented.

  • Dan showed a clock built out of cherry. All the parts were bought at woodcraft.
  • Jim showed a mahogany and holly bank. The retro bank fittings can be purchased online.
  • Scott showed a tool box from Tom Fidgen’s book. It is made from walnut, Philippine mahogany, and Japanese cherry.
  • Gary showed mahogany and maple wine and cheese trays.
  • Adrian showed fold down lever for hanging clothes.
  • Bill showed 3d jigsaw puzzles out of ¾” poplar. Some pieces were sanded to give a 3d effect.
  • John showed a pet urn made with cherry. It has a glass front so you can put a picture behind it.
  • Greg showed a jig he used to make a threshold. Jig was required to make it safe to make with a planer.
  • Don showed a 3d scroll saw picture made with 3 colors in plywood.
  • Frank showed collapsible doll house furniture made from a single piece of wood. It took 1st place in a competition.
  • Jim showed a M&M dispenser made of curly maple.
  • Shawn showed some Brazilian rosewood and a bridge city hand plane.
  • Jim showed a Pennsylvania spice box made of walnut. It had 14 drawers and 1 was hidden.
  • Pat showed a rolling tool cabinet he uses for table saw accessories.

Members voted by ballot and the Pennsylvania spice box by Jim won. Frank’s collapsible doll house furniture finished second.

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Tip of the Month - Handscrews to the Rescue

ScrewclampThink that hand screw clamps are a one-trick pony and not really useful in a modern shop? Think again. Here's a novel and impressive application when you have a need to clamp up an irregular shape, such as a cracked stool top. Since they're made of wood, you can drill them and screw stuff to them. Mount a pair of hanger screws in the ends of the clamp and drill two holes in the surface you need to clamp. Then, use the clamp to squeeze the two pieces together. Try THAT with your fancy fast-action metal clamp. When the glue sets, plug the holes in the piece if you desire.

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Editors Notes

You've noticed the return of the website. It will return, item by item as I'm sure that there are no further entry points for attack. This month, the newsletter and tips have returned. For now, only the current newsletter will be on the site. If you need an earlier one, just send me a note and I'll forward it to you. Also, there is no members area yet. I'm still working on the security for that one. I think that it was the problem before. We may all need much more secure passwords in the future. See you at the meeting.

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